August 10, 2002

Cap'n Cowpie's nursemaids are touchy about suggestions he is loafing during a nearly monthlong stay at the Lazy W, so they agreed to allow a reporter to spend the morning with Bunnypants.

Poor stupid kneepadder had to get up before dawn to go jogging with Hopalong Noodlehead. Bunnypants does not like chitchat when he jogs. Spotting a herd of cattle, he says simply, "bovine." Minutes pass before he says another word.

WARNING! PROPAGANDA ALERT! At 6:30, as he rounds a corner and turns directly into the sunrise, God's Little Goober makes a statement that speaks volumes about his passion for this place. Without stopping, he spreads his arms wide toward the sky, beholding the blazing horizon for a few moments.

"Thanks to the good Lord," he says. - From an AP (Asskissing Press?) story by Scott Lindlaw, reprinted here.


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