February 2, 2009

Freetard barf-o-meter!

Which latest "outrage" ranked a "barf" in the title over at RimJob's Circlejerk Central? Was it this? No. This? Hardly. This? Feh.  No, the family-values party took issue with Michelle Obama's .... ummmm .... family values:

Mrs. Obama's new roles as first lady, mom-in-chief (Barf)

Ohhhhhhkay. From the actual article in the Miami Herald:

Michelle Obama's predecessors have carved out enough different roles as first lady that she is now free to fashion the job in a way that suits her. Sit in on Cabinet meetings like Rosalynn Carter? No thanks. Mrs. Obama says she doesn't like "the process stuff." Pick a pet issue? She's identified a few favorites, including supporting military families with a parent far from home. Her priority? Her daughters. She always will be "mom-in-chief" first.

OMFG!!!!! No way!! That horrible she-beast!!!!!1!!!

Right. Actually, the only time vomit came into play is when I read the hateful and bigoted comments posted at retardrepublic:

"What I’m really going to miss are the “White House Christmas” specials on HGTV. My kids used to love watching the 1st lady pick out a theme and see the staff decorate the WH. I get ill thinking about this years “special”."

"You mean Kwanza."

"There ain’t going to be no Christmas. Not this year, not next year, and not the two years after. Muslims don’t do Christmas."
“'Her priority? She always will be “mom-in-chief” first. Protective of her daughters' Yeah, you never know when one of her little sweethearts will be “punished” with a pregnancy (also called a “grandchild”). But, alas, her husband will allow their “grandchild” to die of exposure (infanticide) if their “grandchild” happens to “survive” an abortion. Did I say the word “grandchild” too many times? I’m sorry."

"This is one thing I agree with Ears on, let him abort themselves."

"what the matter, you don't think Ramadan is festive enough?"

"You mean the FIRST MUSLIM the wife of the NON PRESIDENT MUSLIM."

"Kwanza will become a national holiday. Happy Kwanza, but no Merry Christmas."

..... and then they started picking on the Obama kids' names. What class acts! What great Christians! What a bunch of braindead troglodytes.