February 18, 2009

'Truth commission' could spark more partisanship

Like they need another excuse.

A Democratic-proposed "truth commission" to investigate the Bush misadministration is generating more partisanship in a Congress already filled with it, whines some mattress-soiling cumbucket at the AP.
Yeah, how DARE President Obama nominate Dems to his cabinet.

Wehhhhhhh. Unbelievable. Cry me a fucking river already, you pathetic, country-destroying idiots. After eight years of shoving your stinking privates in the face of everyone who did not have an "R" after their name, you can fucking kiss my ass now. Please, allow me to alert the scientists needed to break out the scanning electron microscope -- to detect the teeny little violin playing for you poor, suffering, downtrodden douchenozzles. ** blowjob     blowjob **

Eat me.