May 7, 2009

The Black Hole of Stupid claims another deserving victim

"Why is Obama silent on the Savage sanction? And what's this green stuff oozing out of my freedom-pole?" wonders one of the many malingering, wank-brained sausage-jockeys posting at RimJob's Circlejerk Central:

Why didn’t Hillary or Obama stick up for him? Michael Savage, the radio talk-show host. When the British home secretary declared him persona non grata, and forbad him to ever enter England, why didn’t the American government stand up for him? Have you ever heard him?

He is a conservative, sort of, an irrascible old freedom-loving blowhard who each night talks to a few million Americans. He’s pro-religion, anti-gay, down on illegals, contemptuous of politicians...

Anti-Clinton, anti-Obama....

A "sort of" conservatard, huh? He's a bigoted, vile, hate-spewing jerkoff who allegedly wipes his boogers on his beard yet goes for days without wiping his ass. If he were any more conservative he'd be sexting young boys while playing footsie in a public mensroom. Wiener.

An American citizen is penalized by a foreign government without reason {??? - Ed.} or precedent and the American government – responsible for protecting the rights of its citizens abroad – is absolutely silent.

Hey, he enjoyed his right to be an utter fucktard, Britain is enjoying their right to tell him to piss off. I say, let 'im crash!