July 13, 2009

Freepers' call to arms against Daily Kos: "This is HUGH. And series"

After staying up all night jerking off in their Mr Pibb cans for some "bombshell" announcement, the unhinged nutbars at RimJob's freeretardia find out that DKos poster "hollywoodoz" is actually Canadian journalist Chris Parry.

As always, the comments are amazing:

I’m stuned.

Just like al-qaida launching jihad...the left are no different

There is legs to this after all.

Sweeet,,, wonder how many other MSM reporters blog something radical, then come out with the “some people are now asking,,” ??

Hmmmm... yeah... why does that sound so familiar...?

Bonus WTF: they're now working hard to get Parry fired from the Vancouver Sun, which double-faulted into freetard infamy by reporting on their sick attacks on Malia Obama earlier.


big em said...

Sometimes when I can't sleep and I get up at 2 AM and turn on the tube, I surf around and see SO many of these full-length 'infomercials' (un-interrupted by 'commercials'?.. heh-heh) that I'm just dumbstruck wondering W(ho)TF is WATCHING A FULL-FUCKING 1/2 HOUR COMMERCIAL?!?! Especially for crap they don't need, and in a day-and-age when there's 50-300 channels available?

Maru, I think you've supplied a clue to the identity of that core-infomercial-audience.. I suspect it's a 90% intersection with these Freepers - - it just makes TOO much sense. Thanks for solving another one of life's assorted mysteries!

Anonymous said...

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