July 25, 2005

Update: a Sprint tech is coming over Thursday to try to fix the computer.

The dominoes are falling

"George Bush faces a political lobotomy if it is proved that Karl Rove, the man they call the President’s Brain, betrayed a CIA agent.

"Rove, Bush’s right-hand man, is battling charges that he took petty revenge on a valued agent who ought, even now, to be fighting the “war on terror.” Not very patriotic, is it? Not even very edifying when you consider that all Plame’s husband, [former ambassador Joe] Wilson, had done was to expose a lie based on a set of forgeries..."

- Ian Bell, the UK Sunday Herald.

The plot thickens
"[President Stupid] has yet to address some uncomfortable questions that he may not be able to evade indefinitely... even some Republicans say Mr. Bush cannot assume that he will escape from the investigation politically unscathed." - the NY Times.

Attorney General Abuto Ghraibzales said yesterday that he spoke with White House Chief of Staff Andy Card immediately after learning that the Justice Department had launched a criminal investigation into the Valerie Plame leak. But Gonzales, who was White House counsel at the time, waited 12 hours before officially notifying the rest of the staff of the inquiry.

"You have to wonder what sort of message Andrew Card emailed at 8pm to the other people in The White House... what sort of documents could have been shredded in those 12 hours," Senator Joe Biden said.