April 2, 2007

A stroll through the park
A suicide truck bomber killed at least 13 people and wounded dozens Monday in Iraq's northern city of Kirkuk, including many children from a nearby school who didn't have 100 troops, 3 Blackhawk helicopters, and 2 Apache gunships to guard them.


Undeniable Liberal said...

It appears that “walking freely” is defined as 100 soldiers, 3 Blackhawk helicopters, 2 Apache Gunships and 1 bulletproof vest. I guess he didn’t need a helmet because he has shit for brains.
Now, McCain is now a known streetwalker; the only question remaining is his price.

Peacechick Mary said...

McCain can write a story for the teacher titled, "I went to the market." It should read something like a 2nd grader. He's so proud that he, the fat white guy is safe while those brown people are so dead.

deuddersun said...

I heard he had two choices, stroll thru Baghdad or go hunting with Cheney. Which would you chose?


Great blog, Blogrolling you now.

maru said...

woo hoo! blogrolled you back!