July 25, 2007

Behind Every Good Man is a........Well Endowed Woman
The former Tennessee senator lobbyist sometimes known as the reincarnation of St. Ronnie and Frederick of Hollywood is shaking up his undeclared campaign, replacing the acting campaign manager with a team that includes former senator and energy secretary Spencer Abraham. The pro abortion lobbyist's trophy wife, known as Hootie Mcboob (thnx, maru) is apparently not only good with her hands and working the pole, but a real hands on gal .

Accounts vary as to what exactly happened, but Collamore was reportedly unhappy with the level of involvement of Thompson's wife, Jeri, and others in Thompson's inner circle found Collarmore not up to the task of overseeing a presidential campaign.
Still waiting for the "liberal media" to forget about Hilldog's cleavage and start talking about those "Thompson Twins" that Jeri Thompson proudly displays.

Shown: Hootie McBooby stepping out with a much younger and virile guy
~Undie Lib~


Anonymous said...

Cone on, UL. I know you can do better than Fred Hefner's sloppy seconds.

Undeniable Liberal said...

Well, he certainly hasn't hurt it, if ya know what I mean....

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, if Hootie is a trophy wife, what was the prize for first place?