November 15, 2007

McCain: "CNN is Hillary's bitch"

TPM reports that the classy McCain campaign has sent out an email claiming that CNN ran the McCain/Hillary "bitch" video because CNN "knows he's the only Republican who can beat Hillary." Uhhh, yeah. Somewhere, Howard Dean is doing a double facepalm.

Dear Moron-Americans friends,

The CNN Network, affectionately known as the Clinton News Network by all us mouthbreathing knuckledrag, has stooped to an all-time low and is gratuitously attacking John McCain for not defending Hillary Clinton enough when a South Carolina voter used the 'B' word to describe her ...

As an independent news agency*, CNN owes John McCain an apology because of the outrageous behavior of their network host Rich Sanchez. Liberal bloggers and their friends at CNN went on the attack yesterday and continued their attacks through the night. They said the McCain campaign was over because of the statement of one, lone voter in South Carolina. Well friends, we are on a comeback, we are the only campaign that can defeat Hillary Clinton and CNN knows it. We are not going to let Senator Clinton's friends in the liberal blogosphere and on CNN try to destroy our campaign. Senator McCain is a fighter and he is not going to back down to CNN.

Why are they doing this?

Because John McCain is the only Republican who beats Hillary Clinton in recent national polling data and who will beat her in the general election. The liberal media has figured out that John McCain is the only thing that stands between a Hillary Clinton presidency, and they are therefore trying to stop the McCain comeback.

That insane Clinton hatred!

*Sort of like Fox News?

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