February 14, 2008

Rule of Law!!

Amazing how things have changed since the time when lying about a blowjob could have meant the end of Democracy. Apparently anyfuckingthing the Republicunts want to do is legal, including Ignoring Subpoenas:

We will not stand for this, and we will not stay for this. And I would ask my House Republican colleagues and those who believe we should be protecting the American people, to not vote on this bill. Let’s just get up and leave. (Applause)
Jesus effing Christ, how old are these people? Taking their ball and going home?
Bonus: Even without the temper tantrum throwing Republicunts, the House contempt vote against Miers and Bolten passed, 223-32.
They need to get up and leave more often, ya think?
And seriously, Boehner cannot possibly be pronounced Bay-ner, it's fucking BONER.
My work here is done.
BTW, Note to repukes, grow the fuck up, already.


Anonymous said...

yeah, well, BETTER YET!,
just keep on walking!

KO said it tonite, but I swear to God that when I SAW it, THAT was my immediate MOST reverent wish!



Anonymous said...

As the immortal Surf Punks put it:

Bayner is just Boner said sideways.