March 13, 2008

Teh Funnies

The 3AM call in the White House

Phone ringing, “What time is it Bill? Heck it’s 3am, I’ll get it. Hello, hello, …who is this?" [audible gasp] “Bill, I think it's ‘That Woman’ and she sounds drunk.”
Hillary continues, “Listen bitch, Bill can’t come to the phone right now and don’t call back here trying to wreck our marriage. Bill has repented for his sins and I have forgiven him. From what he told me anyway, honey, you weren’t that good.” Hillary bangs down the phone.
“See Bill, I handled that 3am call well!”

Or the phone the rings at 3am, and Bill answers, “Sorry, wrong Clinton here. Let me get Hillary. She’s in charge here now, always was, but I will make sure to advise her well in whatever decision she makes. Hillary, it’s for you.”
Now, to be fair, one can also easily see John McCain taking a call at 3am. The conversation goes like this. Phone ringing, “Cindy dear, can you grab that, ooh, no I mean the phone dear. Thank you.” The conversation continues, “McCain here. What? Those Iranian bastards fired on another ship? Get the word to that that Iranian prick that we are going to stick a nuke up his asshole soon if he doesn’t get his act together.”

Now for Cindy’s McCain turn. Phone ringing,” Hello, hello, hi who is this? Rico? What the… Why are you calling me at 3am? I’m stocked up on my pain killers for while.” She hangs up. “Cindy, who was that dear?” Mr. McCain asks.
“Just my doctor dear. Go back to sleep John.”



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