June 6, 2008

Farewells, little else await Bush in Europe

When LameDuck McUseless makes his final tour of European capitals next week at the taxpayer's expense, he can expect a less-than-fond farewell on a continent where leaders are already looking past his warmongering, lying moron ass to his successor.

Behind the smiles and handshakes, there will be quiet relief among his European hosts who see an end to the Bush era as a chance for the next president to repair a U.S. image abroad that has been damaged by the Iraq war and other policies.

"Bush will travel in a little bubble from palace to palace," said Joseph Cirincione, a Washington foreign policy analyst. "He'll have welcoming ceremonies, photo ops, even some praise -- and then he'll be quickly forgotten."

Bush is even more unpopular across much of Europe than he is at home.