March 5, 2009

Cunt Tree First!!

Bipartisanship vs I hope he fails....
A rare undie lib rant inspired by former Republican John Cole:

....when a real crisis happened on 9/11, I remember the Democrats rushing to do whatever Bush wanted. I remember hand-holding and singing on the Capitol Steps. I don’t remember them hoping Bush’s response would fail.
Deluded lemmings for quite some time now. They hope for fail.....
This is pretty simple and more obvious than the over-ripe seafood odor that fills the air when mAnn Coulter is in da house, IMHO.
Rushpublicans now want Obama to fail like Bush failed. It legitimizes their never-changing bullshit, which the poor taint sniffing, fist exchanging fuckers know is bullshit but yet, they still cling to it's soft warm and gooey aftermath essence. Hold me!
This is what they do and how they are, and it's been like this for a long time.

Methinks that the mindless, pre-programmed Borg drone-like motherfuckers asshats dittoheads Conservatives have gotten to the point that, if they reached the pearly gates(and get past the fact that Peter is a dirty fucking hippie, and that Jesus is liberal) and found out that Heaven was run via socialism, they’d refuse to enter.
And then meet their real maker.
Too bad we can't figure out how to use the same Jedi mind tricks on them to come to the dark side.
It must really suck to live with a constantly clenched sphincter.
I almost feel sorry for the brainwashed fucks. And THAT, my dear friends is the difference between libs, including undie libs, and the Reich Wingnuts. We might disagree with conservatards and call them names oops (kiddingly, I swear on the Koran!) but we certainly don't wish harm on anybody......nor fail.
Although we are frquently tempted by anal cyst by products like Lush Limpballs.

Thank you, I'll be here all week, drive carefully, come back soon, bring your wife, or girl friend but don't bring both.(or partner and ....partner?)
And please don't forget to tip your bartenders and waitresses.

The leader of the Rushthuglican party