February 28, 2008


  • Bush: US is not headed into recession
  • Economy slows to near crawl

  • -- seen at yahoo news this morning.

    So, who are you going to believe, Smirky McGolfcart or your own tired eyes?


    Anonymous said...

    Thank Jebus we only have to put up with this lying, vomit-inducing, cork-soaking fucktard for 11 more months.

    Anonymous said...

    11 months too long, ml. I'm soooo tired of puking every time I hear his Nozz-hissing voice before I can grab the remote and click him GONE. He's made us all very sick. I wonder if we took a nationl poll what the results would be on the question: Has Chimptard's Presidency made you sick or mentally deranaged in any way? If you answer yes, then answer the following question: to what degree has your health taken a dive since he stole the presidency: One to ten, ten being near death. I fluctuate between 7 and 9 on any given day. I hates him so hard.

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