February 22, 2002

Bush E-mail Account Targeted by Terrorist Spam

WASHINGTON, DC (DPI) - President Bush was attacked yesterday by various e-mail-producing hackers believed to be affiliated with terrorist groups. Among the offending e-mail messages were "Instant Axxxcess for $5.95 a month" and "Your diploma is ready." Although the normal White House e-mail goes through screening before reaching the president's eyes, the president's personal account, hotstuph524@aol.com, was the afflicted account. In an attempt to stop the spam, White House officials tried clicking the "remove from list" button, but the terrorists actually started sending more junk e-mail, such as "Britney is nude and masturbating just for you" and an offer for a free cell phone from AT&T Wireless.
(Reported by Stuart Johnson) The Daily Probe "Because Real News Sucks"

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