February 25, 2002

The truth is out there ... right?

"The culprit responsible for the Sept. 11 attack is now rumoured to be the same one who lurked behind the grassy knoll: the oil-dependent U.S. military-industrial complex.

"...resident George W. Bush and his right-hand man, Vice President Dick Cheney, have taken the unprecedented step of trying to restrict the investigations of the tragedies and how such an intelligence and security breakdown was allowed to occur...according to those who do not believe in The Lone Gunman, the truth is as plain as the nose on your face: Sept. 11's terrorist acts were planned and paid for by the CIA to enable the Bush Administration to "legitimately" bomb Afghanistan into submission on behalf of the oil industry."
- - snipped from The Vancouver Sun , because the media in this country are castrated lapdogs who would rather spew WH-orchestrated propaganda than to try to find the (admittedly) tiny genitalia they once may have possessed (along with their pride).

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