March 25, 2002


Are you as tired of repuke hypocrisy as I am?

Travels with Preznit Dumbass

White House spokes-tool Ari "the Liar" Fleischer said Saturday he was certain the Democratic leadership was behind the remarks that had broken "tradition" by "sounding a partisan note" while the president was abroad. I think the repugnicans broke the tradition when Bill Clinton was President, actually. How soon they forget, the sniveling dirtbags. See link below.

"When I first got elected, I said the best foreign policy for the United States is to have a prosperous, peaceful and free neighborhood," Hopalong Chimpy said in El Salvador. "I firmly believe that the best policy for the United States is to pay attention to our friends." Ummmmmmmmmm, you got what?? I think what you meant to say was when you got handed the Presidency by your daddy's cronies and the partisan crooks in the 'Supreme' Court, , you quickly did an about-face on your "uniter, not a divider" theme and alienated the rest of the planet with your arrogance, unilateralism, and stupidity.

The Connecticut Cowpie's trip, which included a two-day stop in Monterrey, Mexico, and an afternoon and overnight stay in Lima, Peru, was planned to emphasize that the administration is paying attention to the region after focusing for months on the war on terrorism and the conflict in the Middle East. Which translates to "since the Middle East is so fucked up right now, we're changing our focus to the oil pipeline over here!".
Snips from today's Washington Post

Hey, they're the party of honor and integrity, so it MUST have been perfectly innocent:

Last October, Army Secretary Thomas White, a former Enron Corp. executive, met or phoned former colleagues at the energy company as many as 13 times prior to his decision to sell more than 200,000 Enron shares at the end of that month, according to information he has provided a House committee.

A letter hand-delivered Friday to the office of Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.), the ranking member on the House Government Reform Committee, lists 44 calls White made from his home to former Enron colleagues since taking office last May. They do not include calls he may have received on that phone.

The October telephone calls were made during a crucial period at Enron. That was the month in which accounting errors and financial misstatements first came into view, prompting a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation. Those disclosures undermined investor confidence and ultimately forced the company to file for bankruptcy,
- - - read more at the Washington Post

Oppose Drilling in Alaska's ANWR, Support Terrism!

The specter of Saddam Hussein is never far away when Sen. Frank Murkowski and his allies argue for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Sen. Larry Craig invoked the Iraqi dictator's name at a recent ANWR press conference on the Capitol lawn.

The Idaho Republican asked who had gassed up their cars that morning. "If you did, then you contributed to the terrorist activity of Saddam Hussein. Thank you," he said darkly.

- - - What a tool. What kind of car does he drive, anyway? Click here for story. (Thanks to BuzzFlash)

Whore Media Pees its Pants at Latest Bon Mot from Smirking Simpleton

When asked how he would sign campaign finance legislation - reluctantly or wholeheartedly - the Toxic Tinhorn answered the question literally.

"I have a kind of a firm, semi-firm signature as it moves across the page," he said, to laughter at a news conference Sunday. Bravo! Now answer the question, dumbass! And what color crayon will you use? Semi-firm...some jokes just write themselves.... - - Yahoo Nooze

Fun Fact!

The journal 'Experimental Biology and Medicine' reported that regulating men's hand temperature has no effect on the temperature of the rectum but that regulating scrotal temperature does. (Volume 227, pages 105-107 (2002), thanks to News of the Weird)

In Other News:

Zimbabwe Election Was Rigged - "Almost as bad as Florida," say international observers
Bush Proposes $7 Billion Tax Relief for Small Business Owners - And $104 billion estate tax relief for super-rich.
Tom Ridge in Undisclosed Location - Head of Homeland Security secure from Congress.
NEA Gets Budget Increase Of $64 Billion - Missile Defense System re-classified as performance art.
Alfred E. Neuman Turns 50 - Will celebrate at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

ANSWER TO LAST WEEK'S PUZZLER: Al Gore, by more than half a million votes.
- - - Ironic Times - - LOL!

'The 'Crayola Man'

Tom Ridge's plan for a colour-coded warning system to indicate the state of terrorist alert has made him and his office the butt of jokes The exercise has been a public relations disaster, as few people understand what the colours really mean or what they should do when, say, an orange alert is posted.

The majority leader in the Senate, Democrat Tom Daschle, is pushing for Mr Ridge to be called before Congress to explain how and why he is spending money on homeland security. The White House is refusing to let Mr Ridge testify, arguing that he serves as a presidential appointee and is not subject to congressional scrutiny. The Democrats in turn say this is an example of the increasing arrogance of the White House which is ignoring democratic checks and balances.

In many ways it is heartening to the see the fight shaping up between the Democrats and Mr Ridge. It is a sign that even in bush's war on terrorism, his administration finds itself under scrutiny for potential excesses.
- - Click here for story. Meanwhile, USA Today is reporting that screeners at 32 U.S. airports failed to detect hundreds of knives, guns or simulated explosives in tests by government investigators in the months after Sept. 11.

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