June 18, 2002

Botanist: "Is that a pistil in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" - From Top5.com's Top 5 Scientist Pickup Lines

I never did look for fireflies last night. After trying to deal with the computer moving slower than John Ashcroft at an ACLU meeting I was just so fed up I went straight to bed. Even today at work the system was draaaaaaaaaagging.

The kittens are trying to climb down the deck stairs. It's almost time to bring them inside! Must start stocking up on kitty litter.

Merlin is quite the weisenheimer. He was on my knee yesterday afternoon cleaning his toes when all of a sudden he pooped and said "I left you a present!" How very thoughtful.

Insanaquarium is supposed to be adding new critters - I tried getting in at work today, but it was impossible.

"It turns out the Al Qaeda have a training camp in Florida. That may explain all the old people driving into buildings." - Letterman

Quotes of the Day:

"[L]ast week's much ballyhooed arrest of the 'dirty bomb' suspect Jose Padilla now seems, like other developments in the 'war against terror', to have been a political device of the Bush administration – designed to distract attention from US intelligence failures and solidify support behind president Bush." - Rupert Cornwell, in the Independant.

"He looks like he lost the fight...with bipedal locomotion." - MindPilot, at the BC Forum

"President Bush didn't read the global warming report, because he was too busy not reading CIA reports. 'Hey,' he says, 'if you wanted a President who reads stuff, you should have elected Al Gore.'" - Letterman

In Other News:

Martha Stewart Facing Long Prison Sentence for Insider Trading
"It's a good thing," say investigators.

Bush Has Vision for Palestinian State
Fraternity-based plan would rely on rush week, pledging, initiation pranks.

Microsoft Reports Security Flaw
Some of its software allows people to take control of their own computers.

SEC: CEOs Must Be Responsible For Their Company's Finances
Otherwise they'll be forced to resign and "spend more time with their families."

Today in History, 1815: Battle of Waterloo. Contributing to Napoleon's defeat was his inability to properly survey the battlefield due to his aggravated hemorrhoids.

Music News: Oasis opened a new world tour with a sold-out show in Lyons, France last night, premiering new tracks from their forthcoming album Heathen Chemistry. The set-list was as follows:
'F*ckin' In The Bushes'
'The Hindu Times'
'Hung In A Bad Place'
'Stop Crying Your Heart Out'
'Go Let It Out'
'Morning Glory'
'Little By Little'
'D'You Know What I Mean?'
'Cigarettes & Alcohol'
'Live Forever'
'Gas Panic!'
'She's Electric'
'Born On A Different Cloud'
'Better Man'
'Force Of Nature'
'Don't Look Back In Anger'
'My Generation'

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