August 12, 2002

Hazy, hot, humid, Monday.
The Perseid meteor showers are tonight! Which means we'll probably get some rain.

pReznit Clueless will use an economic forum on Tuesday to project concern about the plight of ordinary citizens rather than simply stressing the economy's underlying strength, an emphasis that illustrates the political dangers of the tepid U.S. recovery. Bunnypants also wants to shift blame amid "new evidence" that the economy was already in recession when he stole took office last year.

With no major new policy expected to emerge, critics suggest the meeting amounts to a public relations exercise with carefully screened participants. The White House argues that George of the Bungle will hear from ordinary citizens, including some prominent Democrats (Fannie Mae Chief Executive Franklin Raines, and Penny Pritzker, whose family founded Hyatt hotels), about their ideas to revive growth. A CBS News Poll released last week showed Bush's approval rating on the economy was 45 percent. - From yahoo news.

'"Project concern" - PERFECT word choice. With Bush and Rove, EVERYTHING is about creating a certain appearance. And with a compliant, corporate media in their back pocket, it's proving to be stunningly easy. The US is being played for suckers by this administration on a daily basis. Trust me, 'projecting concern' is the goal, not 'having concern'" - by bvaljalo, at the yahoo message boards.

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