August 11, 2002

Jaffa and his Mini-Me.

Emperor Snippy, stung by criticism that his photo-op of a bogus "economic forum' is just a Karl-Rove staged propaganda effort, went on the defensive during yet another round of golf while on his month-long vacation. "Karl invited a waitress and a truck driver!" he whined to reporters from the 7th hole. "Now watch this drive!"

Democrats upbraided the White House over the roster of people invited to the conference, calling to top heavy with corporate executives and providers of political largesse.

"There is no seat at the table for average Americans," said party chairman Terry McAuliffe. "There is no seat at the table for Democrats. There is no seat at the table for any member of Congress. Every seat at their table has a sign that says 'reserved for special interests only.'" - From here, more or less.

"The blind leading the Republicans. When Reagan screwed up the economy he at least had the excuse that he was running the country with advanced Alzheimer's. What I want to know is, what's Bush's excuse?" - by the_antichump, at the yahoo message boards.

*Actual quote by GW Bush.

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