August 9, 2002

In the biggest upset of the primary election, Al Hanson, who served time in a Minnesota prison, beat the hand-picked candidate of the Missouri Republican Party for state auditor, lawyer Jay Kanzler of University City.

Hanson, 72, of Concordia, won the Republican nod Tuesday to challenge State Auditor Claire McCaskill. With nearly three-quarters percent of the vote counted, Hanson had run up nearly twice the votes that Kanzler had. Hanson spent less than $500 on the race while Kanzler spent $68,411.

Hanson was convicted of felony fraud and felony larceny in Minnesota in 1978 and served nine months in prison. He has refused to discuss his criminal record. He said he is a financial consultant who travels internationally, in Asia and South America, to advise clients. - From the Post-Dispatch.

"What Mr. Bush doesn't seem to understand are these two things. 1) Defending oil reserves and oil profits is not the same thing as defending one's country and 2) Saddam Hussein is most likely just as serious about defending his country. Not that that matters to Cowboy George." - Ron Jacobs.

"[S]urely the Iraqi regime was equally odious in 1989, when George Bush I signed an executive order mandating closer U.S ties with Saddam -- including the sale of WMD technology -- just months after Saddam had been accused of gassing his own people." - Chris Floyd.

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