August 29, 2002

"I do think the threat of biological weapons is a fear, especially since our own intelligence agencies can't even catch the guy right here in America who is unleashing the United States' biological weapons in the form of Anthrax." - BuzzFlash reader, on Dick 'Chicanery' Cheney's war shpiel.

Preznit Clueless winds down his summer drive for campaign cash today, traveling to Oklahoma and Arkansas to help fellow rethugs republicans in tough Senate and gubernatorial races on Nov. 5, a yahoo nooze story reports. The White House plan is to meet all of pRezdint Stoopid's fund-raising obligations by early next month so he can focus on his party's record - ummmmm, that would be what, continuous fundraising, corporate thievery, trampling over the environment and pissing on the Constitution?

He will also be photo-opping at a back-to-school event in Arkansas at which he will discuss the importance of closing the achievement gap. According to the article, this little break in the fundraising action will allow the White House to defray part of the trip's cost with taxpayer money instead of the Republican Party bearing it all.

"Al Gore jockeys for position. Amazingly, he is the frontrunner, despite the fiasco of a campaign he ran in 2000 that let Bush in. He is hardly ever heard from, sidling away from confrontation and weighing up whether the polls will let him run. A handful of senatorial possibles - John Kerry, Joe Lieberman, John Edwards - circle around, daring to say almost nothing, propelled, it seems, by terror of the Bush hard right more than the fury these incumbents deserve from any Democrat." - Hugo Young, in the Guardian.

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