August 14, 2002

"The Republicans are terrified that the media will look into Bush's past and present. If they did so in 2000, Al Gore would have won in a landslide. If voters heard about Bush's flunked drug test while he was serving in the Texas Air National Guard - as much as, say President Clinton's infamous 'I didn't inhale' - Bush would have been toast, rather than installed as President.

"The American people will know all about Bush's AWOL oath breaking - which anyone can see proven clearly at - if the media examines the yet unanswered AWOL questions 1/100 as much as they did Clinton's 'draft dodging.' The Bush Occupation fears the revelations about his drug abuse and other DWIs will come out along with the AWOL facts.

"There's more. What if the media investigates Funeralgate? That's the largely ignored scandal in which Bush fired a Texas State official, and may have lied under oath to protect a political crony named Waltrip - the funeral home magnate who allegedly ripped off mourners. The woman won her lawsuit against Bush, who then made Texas taxpayers foot the bill for what some might call hush money payments. See for details.

"Why should voters care about Bush's decades old drug abuse, his oath breaking and going AWOL during time of war, and possibly lying under oath to protect an accused corporate criminal? Because Bush continued these tactics by doing questionable favors for Enron's "Kenny Boy" Lay, and such misconduct marks his term of office in the White House as well as in Texas.

"If the media expends a tiny fraction of the time and effort looking into Bush as they spent hounding Clinton on Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky, all this will come out. Bush's 'honor and dignity' charade will come crashing down. Bush's popularity bubble will pop. This phony administration will fall along with its sanctimonious facade. This terrifies them. As well it should." - Read more of Mike Hersh here.

The media...those buttsniffing, asskissing, leghumping lapdogs for the Bush Family Evil Empire? Mike, I agree with you, but don't hold your breath, my friend. We're goning to have a loooooooong wait. Especially when there are still nut-holes saying they hate Al Gore because they think he thinks he's better than they are.

"The Waco event needs to be understood mainly as theater. The same cynical producers who recruited African-American tokens to integrate the 2000 Republican National Convention unearthed a handful of 'ordinary' Americans to come to Waco mainly for their value as props. But, for the most part, Bush's summiteers are the usual suspects who have brought the economy to its current pass. Serious critics of corporate corruption were not welcome." - Robert Kuttner in the Boston Globe.

"Among the adoring Cabinet officers and supportive business executives invited to the president's economic forum in Waco, Tex., there was a range of opinion: Some people thought Mr. Bush is doing a magnificent job, while others insisted that he is doing an extremely magnificent job." -Editorial in the Washington Post.

"WTF" will be taking a short vacation starting tomorrow night and should be back on 8/25 - earlier, if I can find an internet cafe that won't rip me off. To all my visitors and blogpals, please don't forget about me!

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