September 12, 2002

WASHINGTON (USA Today/wtf) - The White House still has not requested that the CIA and other intelligence agencies produce a National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq, a formal document that would compile all the intelligence data into a single analysis.

An intelligence official says that's because the White House doesn't want to detail the uncertainties that persist about Iraq's arsenal and Saddam's intentions - that the White House decided not to request the report to avoid enshrining in a widely circulated document the uncertainties that persist about Iraq - the doubts about links between al-Qaeda and Iraq, about what weapons of mass destruction Saddam may or may not have, and if he does, about whether he'd be likely to use them against the United States and its allies.

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, calls that ''stunning.''

''If we are about to make a decision that could risk American lives, we need full and accurate information on which to base that decision,'' he says in a letter sent Tuesday to leaders of the committee and CIA Director George Tenet. "I'm really beginning to believe this administration is full of shit."

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