October 15, 2002

From the party that promised to bring Honor and Dignity, Integrity and Responsibility back to DC:

The Denver Post reported that a White House intern "mistakenly" forwarded to dozens of Hispanic leaders an e-mail that described the Senate's senior Democrat as "doddering old Bob Byrd, the senile senator from West Virginia" and was highly critical of the Hispanic members of Congress who voted against the Iraq war resolution.

The message not only criticized Byrd, who led opposition to the Iraq resolution in the Senate, it also took to task Democratic Hispanic members of the House who voted against the resolution giving the president the authority to use military force to topple Saddam Hussein. "If they have a defense for their actions, they should deliver it to the kids in uniform that could one day have their ___ shot off to protect these ninnies!" the e-mail said.

The e-mail went to dozens of Hispanic leaders across the country, some of whom were stunned that a White House official would send such a critical message to a group that included many Democrats.

A White House spokeswoman, Jeanie Mamo, said the e-mail was written by "an activist" and "does not represent" the views of the president. Yeah, right. Don't tell me it was an unfortunate accident. In a WH that's more tightly controlled than Lindsay Graham's sphincter at a Village People concert? It just managed to slip past Karl Rove? Give me a f*cking break.

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