October 16, 2002

Iraq war? Economy in the crapper? Terrist Attacks? Snipers? Anthrax?
F*ck that! pReznit Pinhead's got more important things to do: goin' to war against the Democrats!

The White House refused to discuss Bush's travel plans, but Republican sources said he's planning to storm through 16 states beginning next week - including an upstate New York rally for Gov. Pataki and another visit to New Jersey for senatorial candidate Douglas Forrester.

"'No President in history has campaigned this aggressively for as sustained a period,' a senior Bush official said. 'He's been relentless - and it's entirely appropriate given the punishment the Senate Democrats have visited on him. Bush has told friends he's absolutely determined to become the rare President who actually picks up House seats in a midterm election."

Punishment - from the pink tutu'd Dems?? Are we living on the same planet?? And that this idiotic, clueless fratboy is 'relentless' in his fundraising, of all things, is absolutely mindboggling.

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