October 29, 2002

We've had a lot of searches for it, so here it is:

"Chicanery" Cheney Told Don't Bother
A Democrat involved with planning the Wellstone memorial service at the University of Minnesota's Williams Arena here said the family did not want the event overwhelmed by the additional security, logistical challenges and potential protesters that would accompany the vice president. But the family was also uncomfortable at the prospect of attendance by Mr. Cheney, who helped to push Norm Coleman into the race against Mr. Wellstone and to guide the Republican's aggressive campaign before Friday's fatal plane crash.

President Clinton, who gave the eulogy at a similar memorial in Missouri two years ago after Gov. Mel Carnahan died in a fatal plane crash, is planning to attend, along with former Vice President Al Gore and at least half the United States Senate.

pReznit Pinhead is expected to visit Minnesota over the weekend to pump up Mr. Coleman, the former mayor of St. Paul, in the truncated campaign.

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