November 19, 2002

Going ballistic
"Saddam is already defying the UN!" bleats the White House.
The warmongering chickenhawks in the misadministration last night began to build its case that Saddam was already defying the United Nations - that Iraq's repeated attempts to fire on American and British aircraft in the no-fly zones amounted to a "material breach" of the latest Security Council resolution.

Officials in London weren't buying it, though, and expressed concern that America could seize on Iraq's behaviour in the no-fly zones as a possible casus belli. Dick 'Chicanery' Cheney and Darth Rummy are confident that a case for war can be presented to the UN within weeks. Link here.

Hello, I must be going
Bob 'bushbobber' Woodward responds to Mr Ego: "What he's saying is a classic non-denial denial. Why would Rove take Ailes's personal message down to the president? Just to say that 'Roger Ailes is expressing his outrage'? Obviously, if it was significant enough for Rove to carry it to the Oval Office, it had some recommendations for policy. Why else is Roger being so furtive about it?" Link from the Washingtoon comPost.

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