November 26, 2002

Hey, it was a typo! Yeahhhhh!
A media adviser to the Alberta government has apologized for referring to George W. Bush as "that idiot" in an internal memo commenting on the controversy over a senior federal aide who called the Cretin of Crawford "a moron."

The memo, sent by e-mail to Premier Ralph Klein's communications staff, referred - in capital letters - to "that idiot George Bush".

An update issued at 1 p.m. Friday read: "New! Chrétien refuses resignation of his communications director and says there is no evidence Françoise Ducros used the word 'moron' to describe THAT IDIOT (my caps) George Bush." - link.

In a related story, Francoise Ducros, the aide who first called the Moron of Midland a "moron," has resigned. Ironically, the Idiot remains in office.

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