November 15, 2002

In other news...
Bill Press's 'Nancy Pelosi is just what Democrats need' - one of the many good articles at

Bushmoonies will be celebrating National Ammo Day November 19. No, really. Link here. But I'd take my word for it - you don't really want to go over there.

Speaking of vomiting, the NY Times brings us this: 'Democrats Vote No, but Allow Judicial Nominee to Advance (link here). The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee today engaged in an unusual voting maneuver that signaled their disapproval of one of President Bush's judicial nominees even as they cleared the way for his confirmation. They first allowed the nominee, Judge Dennis Shedd, to be approved by a voice vote. Then, one by one, each of the Democrats present asked to be recorded as having voted against him.' Swell. HAVE YOU F*CKING IDIOTS LEARNED NOTHING???????? Good God.

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