November 26, 2002

"Laura! You got two minutes to haul yore ass back to Texas! Haw!"

Please welcome new blogpals High Water, trr ('The Lighter Side of The Rittenhouse Review'), The People's Republic of Seabrook, Amish Tech Support, South Knox Bubba, and the folks at Mauisun, who can't seem to get enough pics of George of the Bungle looking like a complete idiot (how'd you find us?)! Plus we had two visits from Altercation yesterday! I think we scared him.

Yeah, yeah.
I've been hearing from dittospank bushmoonies all morning about how Al Gore's new book is doing 'so poorly'. Oh, gee, sorry, but the Dems don't have a rich, slimy pudhead to brainlessly buy their books in bulk to run up the numbers. And I bet if it had mentioned Bill Clinton's penis, you monkeys would be pulling it off the shelves to whack off by.

Now get the f*ck off and get back to work.

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