November 14, 2002

'One party, one leader, one miserable failure'
"As it stands, we the people didn't get the government we deserve. We inherited your miserable failure." - Alan Bisbort writes An open letter to Deadbeat Dems, here.

"Maybe the Democrats have learned that they brought about their own debacle by saying "me too" and rolling over for Bush on so many issues during the campaign. Maybe now they will stiffen their rubbery spines and fight back." - Helen Thomas.

"No one can admire Democrats for having the courage of their convictions because they have neither courage nor convictions. They are Republican wannabes who can’t find their sorry butts with both hands and a map." - George E. Curry.

This just in!
House Democrats voted 177-29 today to make Rep. Nancy Pelosi the first woman ever to head a political party's caucus in Congress, and the only Dem in DC with - what was the term? Oh yeah, nutsacks..

Twenty-nine Democrats voted for Rep. Harold Ford of Tennessee, who had decided last Friday to challenge Pelosi for the job. Rep. Nancy Kaptur, an Ohio Democrat who got into the race only this week, pulled out before the vote.

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