November 21, 2002

"During the two months prior to the election, the president, instead of directing the war against terror, crisscrossed the nation campaigning against Saddam Hussein. Now Osama's back and we've lost a considerable amount of valuable time and effort. They've [the Republicans] won both houses of Congress, but the country has lost." - Al Gore.

"Ask yourself just who is being served when the media allow Bush to lie, repeatedly, with impunity, in order to take the nation into war." - Eric Alterman.

"No wonder the White House tried to kill the independent [9/11] commission. Now they'll be trying to control it." - Joe Conason, on what the bushies knew before 9/11.

"Donald Rumsfeld? Could it be that there are some women in this country who find a smirky 70 year-old man who smells of Brylcreem, scotch, and bloodlust, sexy? I mean, besides Lynne Cheney and Howard Fineman?" - TBOGG, on Darth Rummy showing up on People's Sexiest Man Alive list.

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