November 21, 2002

Rinse Cycle
Maryland Rightwing Governor-Elect's Free Ride in Fox TV's Luxury Helicopter

It has now been revealed that Governor-Elect Bob Ehrlich received use of a luxury helicopter during and after his campaign, courtesy of a company closely linked to Fox TV. The free ride is now being spun away as a campaign "donation" - one that is likely both illegal as well as blatantly unethical. "If you're an entity that owns a news outlet that is supposed to provide fair and balanced coverage of the campaign, and yet at the same time are providing aid to one of the candidates in the campaign, that puts them in a severe position of conflict," said Christopher Hanson, who teaches journalism ethics at the U of MD's Philip Merrill College of Journalism. "I don't see any way around that." "It is ludicrous to suggest a connection between Fox 45 news coverage and the support from one of the owners of the corporation that owns Fox 45. There's just no connection there," said Ehrlich campaign spokesman Paul E. Schurick. LOL! 'Course not! - Link here. Thanks to

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