November 27, 2002

Snow Day!
It's also Holy Ham Day. Last month we picked up a pigbutt from the butcher and started our own prosciutto. This morning it was pulled from its salt bed in the fridge, wrapped in cheesecloth, and hung in the garage, where it'll stay all winter. In the spring it'll go back in the fridge to finish curing, and it should be ready to eat in the fall. Mmmmmmmmm, prosciutto....

Please welcome Two Tears in a Bucket, and our friends from Canada!

Bit of a wanker, eh whot?
LONDON (AP) - A British advertising watchdog said Wednesday it was banning a commercial for an animated comedy series because it pokes fun at serial moron pResident Bush.

The Broadcast Advertising Clearance Center said the ad, which depicts a cartoon Bush inserting a DVD into a toaster, could only be shown if the makers sought the president's permission first.

The offending ad shows Bush opening a copy of the video and saying, "My favorite - just pop it in the video player." He then sticks it into a toaster and burns it. -

OK, he's an evil moron
The debate over whether George W. Bush is a moron continues to rage. Morons are outraged at being lumped in with the U.S. president. Americans, meanwhile, are mildly amused that it has taken Canadians so long to discover the obvious.

The controversy exploded last week when Francoise Ducros, an adviser to Prime Minister Jean Chr├ętien, was overheard at a NATO meeting in Prague saying, "What a moron," apparently in relation to Bush.

Morons say this is an outlandish slur. "We're nice people," explained one. "We don't threaten other countries or use the courts to steal elections. George W. Bush may be a dangerous lunatic. But he's no moron."

Some disagree: "Since the president's inauguration, he's only been left unsupervised once - to watch a football game on television," recalled one expert. "And look what happened. He fell off the couch, choked on a pretzel and hurt his head." - The Toronto Star.

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