November 20, 2002

Weird Stuff
Sylvain at Chapel Perilous has a link to a creepy story about a couple of guys who had some very strange experiences exploring a local cave. ‘One thing bothers me: 5/19/01 is the last update.’ Link here. Very spooky story.

2nd Century Artifacts Found in Cave
A cave survey in Israel's Judean Desert has found papyrus scrolls, coins and arrow heads from the time of the Jewish rebellion against the Romans in the second century, archaeologists said. The scrolls, while believed to be less significant than the Dead Sea Scrolls found in the region in 1947, will shed light on the time of the revolt led by Simon Bar Kochba, said Zvika Tzuk, an archaeologist for the National Parks Authority. Link here.

Why I Will Go to Hell
"You write awful slash fanfiction and bring shame upon your family. (Or you read it and have thought about writing your own, and that's bad enough.)
The shadow of your evil will remain on this earth for as long as the Web lasts.
You should be hanged in front of angry villagers on Christmas Day, you sick fiend!"

Why Will You Go To Hell?

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