February 24, 2003

Democrats Challenge AWOL's Credibility
Democratic leaders, after receiving a small crate of testicles from the French, circulated "Caught on Film: a photo history of the Bush credibility gap," highlighting "various examples of the Administration making promises at various photo-ops and then slashing funding for the very priorities it stressed." It covered everything from education to programs for the poor.

Several republicans described Emperor Snippy as "peeved" that Tom Daschle and others are questioning his "honesty." - the Washingtoon comPost. Boo-f*cking-hoo. So where are they wrong, you idiot? Quit your damn whining and come clean.

I can just hear the whore pundit response now: Clinton! Monica! Xlintoon! As if a bj can compare to the monumental f*cking we've been getting from pReznit Dumbass and company.

Bush Faces Increasingly Poor Image Overseas
"Leaders feel manipulated and deceived."
The messages from U.S. embassies around the globe have become urgent and disturbing: many people in the world increasingly think the arrogant, court-appointed AWOL Warmongering Wonderboob is a greater threat to world peace than Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Helmut Sonnenfeldt, guest scholar at the Brookings Institution and a staff member of the National Security Council during the Nixon administration, said about the attitudes overseas: "It was antiwar, not anti-American. Now it's anti-Bush, not anti-American." - link.

And he's not doing much to help it here, either
Democrats said Saturday that the White House was taking unprecedented steps to limit conversation at Monday's scheduled policy discussion between governors and pReznit Evil.

With their states' economies in tatters, members of the National Governors Association - who began their four-day winter meeting Saturday - are hoping to win more federal aid to cover soaring costs for health care, homeland security and education.

But the governors have been told that most of them won't be able to directly question the president during Monday's White House gathering. According to Nicole Harburger, communications director for the Democratic Governors Association, "Several of the governors are considering not attending the meeting. The governors are upset and concerned that the White House is not interested in a dialogue."

She said the governors have been told the group as a whole will be allowed just two questions - and must submit them in writing beforehand.

--snip-- Bush closed to the press Sunday's formal dinner with the governors; in years past, it had been open. The White House has even set limits on Kentucky Gov. Paul Patton's toast at the dinner. - link. I wonder how many questions Jeb! was "allowed."

1. How come you can give billions away to Turkey and other countries and do nothing to help out America?
2. When are you leaving? - Warrior, at the BC Forum, asks his own 2 questions.

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