February 25, 2003

"The goals for this country are ...a compassionate American for every citizen." - the unbelievably too-stupid-to-tie-his-own-shoes Chimpy McSmackhead.

Media Critic Says Bush Gets Easy Ride
....and it's in a chauffeured luxury golfcart, driven by happy little eunuchs of the whore media.
Mark Crispin Miller takes aim at newspapers, in Editor and Publisher.

"Say What?"
'Not since the Johnson-Nixon era has an American president's credibility been so abysmal.' - by P.M. Carpenter, at BuzzFlash:

.... Assuming presidential history is still taught in some high schools, the above, I imagine, is at least the bare minimum that most students are asked to retain into adulthood: Johnson...Vietnam...lies...downfall; Nixon...Watergate...lies....downfall. Future history students, however, shall have an even easier time of it when asked to recall the gist of George W. Bush's downfall: He lied about everything.

Shays finds little support for Crusader Bunnypants' oil/re-election war
"Do we live in a republic or do we live in an empire?" - U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays gets an earful from Westport residents - link.

"Whopping deficit"
The government has run up a deficit of $97.6 billion in the first four months of the 2003 budget year. The latest budget figures, released Monday by the Treasury Department, highlighted the government's deteriorating fiscal situation, where record high budget deficits are forecast this year and next. - the Washington Post. Thank you, Resident Dumbass.

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