February 19, 2003

I'm kind of incoherent today - the cats decided to spend most of last night playing tag on the bed, when they weren't using it as a trampoline.

"I would say this about this president, is that he wants to go to war with Iraq in the worst possible way. And so far as I can see, he's succeeding." - James Carville, 2/18/03.

Dueling headlines
Powell: Anti-War Camp 'Afraid of Responsibility'
US, UK Ponder Resolution to Placate Anti-War Camp
- seen at Yahoo News this morning.

Hey hey, goodbye
'Coalition of the Willing' heading for the crapper

"The so-called willing coalition is collapsing. Bush's chicken hawks who drone on about some 30 countries supporting the war will soon have to face the fact that many of these nations will soon join France, Germany, Russia, Canada, and Mexico in opposition... Bulgaria's monarchist-based conservative government is on the verge of collapse and will be replaced by one opposed to Bush's war plans. A newly resurgent Dutch Labor Party is now within striking distance of the conservatives... Spain's pro-war conservative government has united the opposition against it with 65% of Spaniards opposed to a war... Only 24% of Czechs favor Bush's war, while 62% of Slovenians and Poles are against their governments' support for Bush... Italy's scandal-plagued Silvio Berlusconi may soon be voicing his support for Bush from an Italian prison." - Wayne Madsen, at CounterPunch, courtesy of Democrats.com.

GOP threats halted GAO Cheney/energy task force suit
Threats by republicans to cut the General Accounting Office (GAO) budget influenced its decision to abandon a lawsuit against Dick 'Chicanery' Cheney.

Sources familiar with high-level discussions at the GAO said Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Oilpig), chairman of the Appropriations Committee, met with GAO Comptroller General David Walker earlier this year and “unambiguously” pressured him to drop the suit or face cuts in his $440 million budget. - link. Isn't there a law against that??

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