February 25, 2003

Setback for Powell, misadministration on N Korea
From the people that promised a new era of Responsibility...

I can't help it - I love seeing all the 'you broke it, you bought it' comments on this subject today! I can just picture Karl 'n' Unca Dick going "but...but..." while Squinty the Chimp sits happily in a corner playing with his Legos.

"The Bush administration suffered a setback in its North Korea policy on Monday, as officials in China, Australia and South Korea urged the United States to begin direct talks with North Korea about its nuclear weapons programs, a strategy Washington has repeatedly rejected...The Bush administration contends that a group of nations could place far greater pressure on North Korea to abandon its programs than one nation alone. It has also called on Russia, South Korea, Japan and particularly China to play larger roles in pushing North Korea to disarm. But those countries have balked at taking more forceful action against the North Koreans. On Monday, three of the countries the administration had hoped would join a forum said Washington cannot ignore the North's demands and should enter into direct talks with North Korea." - from the NY Times, thanks to BushWatch.

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