February 22, 2003

View from my window: heavy rain, spring birds, deer looking for something to eat under a couple feet of snow.

Still trying to wake up after a bizarre night of listening to the cats use the litter box as a test-firing range. I better look into buying a different brand of cat chow.

A huuuuuuuge thank you to Jim Capozzola of The Rittenhouse Review for buying out the WTF page ads and for his very kind words. I'm still speechless.

"militaristic innuendo, bigotry and xenophobia"
From K.P. Nayar's piece in the Calcutta Telegraph, courtesy of SmirkingChimp.com:

One of the more dangerous aspects of the current countdown to war with Iraq is the role of the US media. With rare exceptions, American television has taken upon itself the task of selling president George W Bush's war against Saddam Hussein.

In this propaganda effort for the White House, it does not offer readers any adequate choice of views or news. It openly dismisses those who speak up against the coming conflict even on the few occasions when they are called to appear on television screens. It long ago gave up the pretence that as a free media, it was offering viewers enough balance and variety so that they could independently make up their minds on the question of overthrowing Saddam Hussein through an invasion.

[T]he American media, which takes pride in having brought down a president over Watergate, has been unwilling to investigate the hysteria whipped up by the state, presumably because it suits the administration's war plans.

Because America's mass media, by and large, has abdicated the responsibility to report the truth and gone along willingly with the administration's plans for war, there is confusion in the minds of Americans what the conflict with Iraq is all about.

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