February 24, 2003

Yeah, but what about Clinton??

Don Williams, founding editor of New Millennium Writings, on such government lies as the battleship Maine explosion, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, the Iran-Contra scandal, and the first Gulf War:

Are you being duped? Ask yourself that question before condemning those who oppose bombing, invading and occupying Iraq. It wouldn't be the first time your own government, including your president, has lied to justify war. It happens in every other generation.

If you love America as I do, then you owe it to yourself and your children to seek the truth and reject even the lies told with the best of intentions by our own leaders. Governments throughout history have lied, and many folks around the world have become smart enough to know it.

Maybe that explains why, even as talking heads on CNN and ABC gushed over how brilliantly Secretary of State Colin Powell had made the case for war against Iraq - with his photographs of trucks and bulldozers and his little bag of phony anthrax and his weird tape recordings - the world responded with the largest peace demonstration in history against a war that hadn't even started. It's one that doesn't have to if the truth be told.

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