May 31, 2003


Petulant faux-statesman continues to diss real world leaders
Even in the light of all the stories coming out about how he and his cronies lied about Iraq, the Hypocritical Hophead arrived in Poland and made no effort to hide that he still harbors a deep grudge toward France and Germany for opposing his campaign against Saddam Hussein.

Bush defended Poland against criticism of its war support. "I think it's unfortunate that some of the countries in Europe will try to bully Poland for standing up for what you think - what they think is right."

"I'm also going to remind the countries of Europe that we must work together," Bush said in an interview with Polish television. "We don't need divides between us. We need to work together to achieve big objectives, which is to fight terror, to fight global poverty, to fight AIDS and to promote freedom."

The freedom to go along with everything the misadministration tells you, anyway. This idiot is absolutely unbelievable. He is without shame. I guess he figures he can't be touched - and with the gelded Dems and the whore media, he's probably right. God, I need a drink.

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