May 28, 2003

Bushies' 'terror war' eroding rights
US has lost moral authority.

Amnesty International said in its annual report Wednesday that human rights have been threatened, international laws have been undermined and governments have been shielded from scrutiny - all in the cause of "fighting terrorism." - link.

Drooling, brainwashed public: "Ooooooh, but so what, it's worth it if it keeps my precious children safe!"
WTF editor, administering bitchslaps: "You stupid f*cktard. Wake the hell up and smell the f*cking Kool-Aid. Safe from what??":

  • Supreme Court criminals give misadministration right to hold secret hearings.
  • Members of Congress urge Ashcroft to drop criminal prosecution of SC protester for carrying anti-Bush sign.
  • Supreme Court criminals deal severe blow to Miranda rights.
  • Never mind about the hotbed of al Qaida/terror cells in Saudi Arabia: US special agents spy on Norwegians.
  • How much more time do you have???

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