May 30, 2003

What they said
"The case for war is blown apart"

"The White House rejected today the Vatican's argument that there is no moral justification for a pre-emptive war in Iraq." - Yahoo News, 3/4/03.

"Intelligence leaves no doubt that Iraq continues to possess and conceal lethal weapons." - George Bush, 18 March, 2003.

"We are asked to accept Saddam decided to destroy those weapons. I say that such a claim is palpably absurd." - Tony Blair, 18 March, 2003.

"Saddam's removal is necessary to eradicate the threat from his weapons of mass destruction." - Jack Straw, Foreign Secretary 2 April, 2003.

"Before people crow about the absence of weapons of mass destruction, I suggest they wait a bit." - Tony Blair, 28 April, 2003.

"It is possible Iraqi leaders decided they would destroy them prior to the conflict." - Donald Rumsfeld, 28 May, 2003.

And is God pissed right about now
"Bush and God - A higher calling: It is his defining journey - from reveler to revelation. A biography of his faith, and how he wields it as he leads a nation on the brink of war." - Howard 'the Whore-monal' Fineman, in the 3/3/03 Newsweek.

And finally:
Bush's "case for war is a sham" based on "untrue, unfounded and disproven allegations." - Rep. Dennis Kucinich, 3/20/03.

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