December 22, 2003

Tweety Matthews wins Bigot of the Year award

The NileMedia Bigot of the Year Award is given to permanently dishonor the individual who we think is the vilest hate-monger in the United States. Naturally, many candidates qualify for this title. This year we considered awarding it to a number of candidates, including Charles Krauthammer, Daniel Pipes, Wolf Blitzer, Aaron Brown and Bill Maher. But after much consideration, we decided that no one deserves it more than Chris Matthews of MSNBC. He is the loudest imbecile among this year's crop of candidates and he works for the two largest corporations in the world MicroSoft and General Electric, which owns NBC. So, we trust he will share his award with his paymasters. We will be sure to advise them of his rank as this year's dean of bigots.

It must have been tough choosing from so many. I heard the panellists who had to decide on the finalists from Faux Nooze are still catatonic.

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