December 21, 2003

'The U.S. is still in its hole'
'THE BIGGEST non-story of the year is the capture of former Iraqi dictator and butcher Saddam Hussein.

'Saddam's capture, celebrated by the American media in tones which suggest an event of epic proportions, is the greatest blindsiding and the biggest illusionist's show on the world stage today. It would be comical if not taken so seriously by the big American media which dominate global news flows.

'"We must not allow ourselves to be fooled by professional distractionists and illusionists like Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist who declared triumphantly and dishonestly after the capture of Saddam Hussein that "the reason we were in that country in the first place are being realised." No, that is not why the Americans went in. They went in to find and destroy the weapons of mass destruction and they have not done so.' - - Ian Boyne.

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