February 25, 2004

It takes a village - idiot
Helpful, not too cynical Farkers come up with some new Bush/Cheney campaign slogans:

One Bush, one Dick. Because the Bible says so.
Deutschland ueber Alles
Elect us, so we know what that feels like
Bush/Cheney/Nader 2004
Bush/Cheney 2004, because you weren't using those civil rights anyway
Bush/Cheney: Because Truth is Overrated
Just Bush. We can't find the other guy.
Bush/Halliburton '04
Bush/Cheney in '04: Because we've already bought it anyway.
Civilian Deaths Kept Under a Quarter Million in 1st Term - Bush/Cheney 2004.
Bush/Cheney '04 or gays will anally rape your kids.
On all fours for 2 oil whores -- Bush/Cheney 2004
Bush, God's Squeaky Toy

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