February 26, 2004

Seen on the web: comments on the 9/11 commission timeline and the White House not testifying:

I thought Bush was elected because Clinton was hiding the truth and blocking investigations.
Move along folks, nothing to see here..
I thought republicans were the party of personal responsibility.
Shows the absolute lack of regard this autocrat has for normal people.

This explanation was given by Hastert's spokesman:

He thinks the report is overdue and we need to get the recommendations as soon as possible. He is also concerned it will become a political football if this thing is extended and it is released in the middle of the presidential campaign.
Aren't you supposed to at least pretend that you're motivated solely by what's best for the country? But here we have Hastert's spokesman blithely admitting in public that he doesn't want to let the commission do its job properly because it might be politically inconvenient for the president. They don't even have the good grace to lie about this stuff anymore.

And my favorite: Coming from supposed "leaders" of America, this is sad. From self-proclaimed patriots, it's pathetic.


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