April 27, 2004

No defense for Cheney
Bathing campaign donors in cash while stiffing the troops

When Dick criticizes past efforts to cut defense spending, he should be talking about his own. And his record in the present doesn't bear close examination, either.

Gee, THAT was handy
Within days after leaving the White House, the executive director of Dick 'Chicanery' Cheney's energy task force, Andrew Lundquist, became a lobbyist "for companies that stood to benefit from the energy policy he helped craft."

Among Cheney Andy's clients: the State of Alaska, for which he "won the right to run a natural-gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay in the north down to the Alaskan-Yukon border, and secured a commitment of federal loan guarantees worth $2 billion." Democrats.com reports Lundquist and rethug legislators apparently paved the way by inserting a clause into the energy bill that actually forbid the construction of cheaper and faster pipelines through Canada.

"You can't touch me! I have the Supreme Court in my hip pocket!"

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